Ottawa, Ontario

As today was our last time in Canada, my mission was to get a Harvey's burger. I'd been touting them up and John said he wanted to have one as well. We met down in the lobby at 1:30 only to find out that the Harvey's near the hotel had been closed and there wasn't another one in the vicinity. We decided to try to find some breakfast instead and wandered down the street to Flo's Diner for a great little omelette and coffee. Hard to believe, no Harvey's this trip, still I take consolation that we discovered White Spot hamburgers while in Vancouver.

Back to the hotel after Flo's to get the bags packed and ready for pick-up, leaving me an hour to get a shower and be down in the lobby. Just as I was closing up the bags I got a call from Tim Hook our road manager saying there was a problem with our flight departure slot. It had been moved up earlier than originally planned and could I please be down in the lobby ready to go in 10 minutes. Sure shower. I slathered on a fresh layer of deodorant and off I went. Without a shower I've felt like I never got a proper start to the day...kind of fuzzy. Nevertheless, it was on to Ottawa and tonight's show.

Tonight it was the National Arts Centre which we've played before. A wonderful theatre that has the most amazing collection of 8X10 glossy black and white publicity pictures of everyone who has played lining the walls, hundreds of them. Everyone from Pavarotti to Patti Page, Larry Adler to Count Basie, Woody Herman to Andre Kostelonetz. Magicians, country, folk and pop singers, stars of opera and musical theatre. I enjoyed looking at them all and remembered the venue from the last time because of the pictures. We were in serious trouble with the catering tonight and because last nights was so good it made the mediocre, high school cafeteria style food all the less appealing. They did have some cheese cake that I randomly qualified as a vegetable and ate that for supper. After dinner I found a dimly lit, quiet spot in the basement near the props department, took my guitar down there, warmed up a little and had a short nap which went a long way toward shaking that fuzzy feeling.

The show itself was another joy for us all. 2,326 friendly Ottawa folks making us feel very welcome indeed. As we were taking our final bow Isaac Shabtay, who has seen every show we've done on the North American leg, nearly always from a front row seat, flashed what looked like a credit card in my direction. I stepped forward and took it and it turned out to be a gift cart to Harvey's! I had to laugh, what a great gift. Sadly, as I'd mentioned above I will not have a chance to use it this trip but will put it safely away for my next time in Canada. Thanks Isaac.

After the show it was a runner to the plane and an hour flight in to Boston where we play tomorrow.

So long,