Regina, Saskatchewan

Quiet day, played a little guitar and read the paper before packing up, leaving Edmonton and winging our way to Regina. Like Kelowna and Saskatoon, I will see no more of Regina other than the ride from the airport to the venue. However, what I did see I liked very much, a clean city of around 200,000 Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan and like Saskatoon is rich in pot ash, oil, natural gas, wheat and barley. We rode through a wonderful neighbourhood with beautiful homes and park with a man-made lake before arriving at Conexus Centre of the Arts, a great sounding theatre that seats 1,944. A full house and although seated, concert audiences can sometimes behave accordingly, the folks here in Regina really let loose. They were warm, generous and loud!

A runner and 2:30 arrival at our hotel in Chicago where we will base for the next several days beginning with a day off tomorrow.

So long,