Los Angeles, California

Up early and out for breakfast with my friend Jim Silvers who I've known since 1969. He was the first guy who wandered through the door at the music store I worked in when I first moved to Los Angeles. He wanted some guitar lessons and we've been friends since. Over the years I produced two of his record albums. After breakfast I stopped in to see another old pal of mine, Dennis St. John. Dennis was the drummer and band leader for many years with Neil Diamond and he's the reason I got that job. Great seeing them both again.

Mid-afternoon we fought the L.A. freeway, Friday style, up to the Greek Theatre in Griffith Park. I won't bore you with all the memories that Hollywood and this particular venue hold for me. These days Hollywood is unrecognisable to me, but the Greek is still very much the same as when I first played there in 1971 with Neil Diamond. It was the following year that the Hot August Night album was recorded there and I was on board for that as well. Wait a minute, I'm probably boring you. Anyway, it is a wonderful venue surrounded by giant old trees and always feels good to play there. Plus, our very own John McCusker made a spectacular return to the band tonight just minutes before we took the stage. His visa was granted and he tumbled off the plane after a 12 hour journey, ready to play the hell out of the show....and so he did and so did we all. Welcome back Johnny boy.

We've consistently found audiences that were previously 'polite' to be very enthusiastic this tour and L.A. was no exception. A great Friday night crowd, ready for a good time. It was a wonderful show and standing on the stage of that theatre looking out at the folks and the trees beyond made, me glad to be alive. A couple of us stayed after the show to greet friends who came and it was good seeing every one of them. I always feel like I've come home when we play the Greek.

Finally made it back to the hotel around 12:30 too tired for a night-cap, straight to bed. THAT'S boring.

So long,