Istanbul, Turkey

It was the most normal start to the day I've had since being here in Turkey, got up at 10:30 and quickly got myself together to go down to breakfast before they pulled the plug at 11. The breakfast buffet in this hotel is absolutey the most amazing and extensive I've ever seen. A yoghurt station, sushi, bakery items, fresh fruit tables, smoothies, eggs, olives, cold cuts, cheeses, cereals and the list goes on. In the end, or in this case the beginning, all I really want is a couple of strong cups of coffee and that's served as well.

After breakfast I killed a couple of hours in the room with computer stuff and practising then finally got down to the pool around 1:30 to find Dan and Guy camped out. I ended up spending a couple of hours pool-side then realised I was on the verge of being cooked to well done. Made it out of the sun in the nick of time, no serious damage done. Time for a shower and meet down in the lobby to go to the show.

The venue was an open air called the Kurucesme Arena on the shores of the Bosphorus. There was magic in the air, Friday night in Istanbul and a live concert by Mark Knopfler who's never played here before. It was a stand up gig and there were a minimum of 10,000 people crowded in the place. We were all feeling rested from the day before and really ready to do this gig. We took the stage to thunderous applause and the whole night felt like a special event. It was difficult concentrating, I kept getting side-tracked looking at the people and the Bosphorus with it's colour changing bridge, palaces, yachts, lights and fireworks. It was one hell of a buzz.

A runner back to our hotel on the water and the party tonight was in my room as my new digs are large and party friendly. Guy and I co-DJ'd and it was a fitting close to the day we played in Istanbul. It's another day off tomorrow!!!!

So long,