Manchester, England

Cool and rainy, lazy day. I did get down to the gym as well as a bit of practising in before it was time to head to the gig. Tonight's took place in the M.E.N. (Manchester Evening News) Arena and it was a pleasure after the low end problems of the night before. A few of the guys were struggling now and again with their in-ear mixes, but we all enjoyed the show as did a receptive and enthusiastic audience.

A runner to the plane and another grand surprise in the car. Our road manager Pete McKay, who we've re-christened St. Peter, arranged a case of the monstrously delicious Augustiner Edelstoff beer that I'd mentioned several entries ago. One perfectly chilled bottle was waiting in my cup holder and it was most welcomed. Hmm, I wonder if there's an importer in the Nashville area? Aboard the Legacy, Linda has replaced Alex as hostess for the next several trips. She served a spicy chilli and rice dish for the short trip to Edinburgh where we stay tonight and will play tomorrow.

At the hotel it was a quick drink and cuppa tea with Danny, Guy, Matt and his wife Paloma then off to bed.

So long,