Munich, Germany

We bid adieu to the fair city of Prague this afternoon. The sun warm and shining as it has been for the last several days and it's a unanimous thumbs up for Praha with hopes of returning before too long.

Our usual mid-afternoon hour in the air and we arrived in Munich. It's a half hour drive to Olympiahalle, another of our usual haunts. Sound check, a spot of dinner and a meet & greet. Over dinner the band discussion turned to Kylie Minogue's bum and if it really was that great after seeing her the day before. Weren't we having the same conversations 40 years ago in our high school cafeterias.....though we were probably talking about Nancy Sinatra's hind quarters then. There's an old joke about a father asking his son what he wants to be when he grows up. The son replies, "When I grow up I want to be a musician." His father tells him, "I'm sorry son, you can't do both." We happily prove the wisdom of this every day on tour.

A sell out crowd of nearly 10,000. It was a seated audience and you could absolutely hear a pin drop until we finished each song, then deafening approval. Another stellar German audience and show.

The usual runner to the Legacy except waiting for me in the car was a very special gift from Michael who works with our promoter in Germany. Several nights ago over drinks in Frankfurt, he and I were comparing our favourite beers. We both agreed that Munich was the region, but my choice was Andech's, a brew made by the monks in a monastery just outside Munich. Michael said Augustiner was his fave. I had to admit never having tasted Augustiner but would love to try it one day. Waiting for me in the car was a large, ice cold bottle of Augustiner Beer and a litre stein from which to drink it. I must hand it to Mike, even though I still adore Andech's, Augustiner was brilliant and the a liquid loaf of bread. It certainly made the ride to the airport very pleasant. Speaking of which, we flew out from a different airport than the one in Munich where we landed this afternoon. Tonight's departure was from a little airstrip out in the country with little else around it. I forget the name of the town, but it is where BMWs are manufactured though you'd never know it from the desolate area we drove through to arrive at the tiny airport in the middle of nowhere.

Aboard the Legacy, drinks in hand, we flew to London and a day off tomorrow. Our great hostess Alex served up platefuls of piping hot chilli and rice followed by an unbelievable Imperial Torte from Vienna! Wheels down in London and the Brits are off to sleep in their own beds tonight while the Yanks will cool their heels in a cool hotel in Soho.

It was 4 cities in 1 day plus a show! The sheets will feel good tonight and the day off tomorrow welcomed.

So long,