Hamburg, Germany

Up early and feeling good. Some coffee and porridge sent up to the room then down to the gym for a good 90 minutes of humiliation. The hotel we are basing from in Frankfurt is stellar in every way, great rooms, service and facilities. There's a fab indoor pool and just the other side, on the outside is a Zen garden with chaises longues. The sun was out and the temps were warm so it was straight from the gym to lay in the sun for an hour. After a bout of stomach troubles, it felt good to get some warmth and vitamin D on my skin.

It was a mid-afternoon flight on the Legacy to Hamburg and the Colorline Arena. The usual routine, throw the bags in the dressing room, make a bee line for catering, back to the dressing room to fiddle round on the computer for awhile, then sound check. No meet and greet tonight so it was straight to dinner after sound check. Tonight's entrees, roast beef, roast chicken and fresh red snapper. Fruit salad, rhubarb and apple crumble with hot custard for dessert. We are so spoiled.

Tonight was the third largest audience of the tour so far, 10,700 Hamburgers. Last night it was Frankfurters. There's always a food angle in this journal. The gig was great and tonight's audience was as well. We've been very fortunate so far with how brilliant the audiences have been and how much they're digging the new show. As for me, I look forward every night to getting on that stage and playing music with MK and the best band in the world.

A runner to the Legacy where we were greeted by our hostess Alex, drinks ready and a very tasty chicken curry with wild rice for snacks. We arrived in Frankfurt in about 40 minutes and short drive to the hotel. Met up with Danny, Pete, John, Heidi and Paul at the bar for a beer then it was on to Guy's room for a last nightcap and cup of tea, Paul C. acting as guest DJ and doing a brilliant job of it.

So long,