Moscow, Russia

This just up! A swinging version of the song Caravan from our meet and greet in Helsinki a few nights ago has just been posted on YouTube. You'll see our own Guy Fletcher juggling three onions (don't ask) at the beginning before this unbelievable display of musical talent unfolds. Here's the link.

We arrived very late last night in Moscow and I was completely knackered, went to bed and didn't get up until after one in the afternoon. It wasn't long before luggage call followed by departure to the gig. Needless to say, I never made it out of hotel for a wander round Red Square though I've been before. Rest was a higher priority as we head in to the last gig before the up-coming break.

We arrived at Olympiisky Arena to find we were sharing the exhibition floor with a knife and weapons show. Nice. Actually the arena floor was divided in two sections so while the gun show was in full swing our crew was setting up tonight's show on the other side of the partition. There were quite a lot of electrical problems but leave it to our ace guys to sort everything....always. A swinging meet and greet followed by a show that was loads of fun even though we all had some technical problems at one point or another throughout the evening. None of that seemed to matter to the fabulous Moscow audience nor did it phase any of us in the least. We're all enjoying every minute of these shows and even the occasional difficult moments roll off our backs. Here's to Moscow.

It was our usual runner to the Legacy for a three hour plane ride back to London and a much needed four days off before beginning the second half of the European leg in Warsaw on the 2nd of May. As for my time in London I'm planning a trip to the Tate Gallery, a haircut, The British Museum, Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club and an Indian dinner. What happens between that is up for grabs.

I'll pick this journal up again on the 2nd, until then...

So long,