Stockholm, Sweden

For the first morning in over two weeks I woke up feeling normal. Good health is a true miracle, let's see if everything holds through the day.

We checked out of Oslo heading to Stockholm for a show tonight. That is nearly everyone checked out of Oslo. Our beloved tour manager Tim Hook became violently ill with some variation of the stomach virus that Matt and I had, only his seems to be worse. The up-shot being, he could not even think about getting on an airplane. So, he is staying in Oslo for a day or two until he's able to join us again.

We landed in Stockholm and proceeded to spend the next two hours in stop & go traffic getting to the gig at The Globen. 6,500 folks and one of the warmest audiences we've had, with us all the way. Tomorrow will be Helsinki and that will wrap our Scandinavian run which has been one of the most enjoyable bunch of shows I can remember.

It was a runner from the stage to our waiting Legacy, sushi, pasta and drinks. Before long we'd arrived in Helsinki for a day off tomorrow and a show the following day. As for the day off, my plan is to get to the gym first thing in the morning and after that get out in Helsinki.

So long,