Milan, Italy

Woke up feeling like a new man. Problem being it was 2:30 in the morning and I couldn't get back to sleep until 5. Up again at 9 still feeling reasonably well and decided to drag myself off to the gym for a little treadmill work. Managed about 20 minutes before it ran me ragged and I threw in the towel. Without having taken in much fuel this past week, I'm fairly low on energy. Back to the room and slept another couple of hours until it was time to get the bags packed and leave for our show in Milan.

It was a gorgeous view out of the Legacy windows as we flew over the snow capped Swiss/Italian Alps on our way in. Everyone oooing and aahing like a bunch of school boys. Decided to bypass the salmon salad served on the flight, the old stomach's a long way from handling anything that ambitious yet and there's the promise of more chicken soup when we get to the venue.

We played the Datchforum with a capacity of 8,500 warm Italian fans. It all felt like a good show, but I have to admit it's getting a bit strange as I stand on that stage with nothing more than a bowl of soup and Imodium in me for the day. I feel like I'm making progress, but far from 100 per cent yet.

A runner to our hotel in Verona, 110 miles away. I'll write more about that tomorrow.

So long,