Erfurt, Germany

Bright and beautiful in Frankfurt this morning, but I will not get out, still feeling awfully ragged. Ordered up some scrambled eggs, toast and coffee and cross my fingers it will stay down.

Packed and vacated Frankfurt this afternoon and our Embraer Legacy, affectionately christened Lambsy, delivered us to Erfurt. Erfurt, the city we always play and never stay. Everyone says what a beautiful town it is. We wouldn't know. The airport is just a few short miles to the venue, then it's back and fly to the next town after the show. Tonight that will be Zurich. A few Erfurt facts; it's first mention appears in 742 AD, has preserved an intact medieval city centre and is symbolised by two churches..Mariendom and Severikirche that stand side by side towering above the old city. Maybe some day we will get to see Erfurt.

Mark and the band were in top form tonight from beginning to end and the audience was right there with us all the way...listening intently then coming completely unglued at the end of each song. Another great crowd.

Also another serious runner to beat take off restrictions in Erfurt. It was a short flight to Zurich and we were in the hotel before midnight! That's efficiency. I'm afraid it will be another early night for me until I can shake whatever has taken up residence in my stomach.

So long,