Summer time change arrived at 2 this morning, the clocks moving ahead one hour. The only reason I mention it is I thought I'd taken myself off to bed at a reasonable time last night until I looked at my watch and it was 4 a.m. I did manage to get down to the gym and sweat out some of last night's first-show festivities. The toilet seats in our hotel are worth noting, not only are they heated they're also equipped with built in front and rear oscillating water jets and dryer...Japanese apparently. I've been around the block a few times now but must admit that's a new one on me. All kinds of wires and hoses hooked up to it and a control panel on the wall next to the commode. I suppose one should remain seated when trying it out but the whole thing made me a little nervous, seated or not, and I'll leave it to others. I haven't checked Guy's journal yet, maybe he's got a photo of it.

The second show in Amsterdam was loads of fun, very relaxed, everyone having such a good time playing and the two hours on stage go by in a flash. We've all been fitted with new in-ear monitors that sound great making it all the more enjoyable. Back to the hotel for a few drinks and loads of great music courtesy of djMK.

So long,