Portland, Oregon

The day got off to a slow and lazy beginning but after several cups of coffee and a toasted bagel, I summoned up my resolve, threw on my work out togs and dragged myself off to the fine gym at this hotel for 90 minutes of punishment. This stuff is never easy, not supposed to be, but not having done it now for a couple of weeks due to my hand, it's become an uphill slog. Still, I soldiered through, in part thanks to the great pair of weight lifting gloves, and was glad for having done so. In fact I felt so much better for it that I threw myself out of the hotel and onto the streets of Portland for a walk. Gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon, mild and breezy. I had no idea where I was going, just out for a stroll. I stumbled across The Portland Outdoor shop, a very old Mecca for western attire. Being raised in Phoenix, I have a soft spot for western clothing, the problem is, and always has been, that I don't look very good in it...but I'll never pass up a chance to go in a store like this and admire the jackets and shirts. Just up the block to my delight was Cameron's Used Books. I've purchased books from them online over the years and here it was in the flesh...well, brick and mortar. I found a wonderful book on jazz photography as well as an advert for Esterbrook Pens from the 1940s. One of my very best friends is a fellow named Mike Noble, a fellow guitar player and a damn good one. Along with our easy friendship we share a passion for jazz and fountain pens. Mike collects, restores and repairs them. He's very kindly given a couple to my wife and I that he restored. That magazine advert's for him. I finally ended up for a mid-afternoon breakfast at the Morning Star Cafe...good coffee, good food. Back to the hotel for a little practice then a shower and off to the gig.

Tonight's venue, Keller Auditorium with a capacity of nearly 3,000, is usually the site of plays and opera. This evening it got a good dose of MK music. The sound of the theatre is warm, musical and inviting and we had a ball playing tonight for a fabulous audience (again!). We changed the set list and debuted the title song of the new album and the namesake of the tour...went down great. We love Portland, it's a beautiful, friendly city full of good people.

Back at the hotel I met up with my cousin Lori and her daughter Jennifer for a couple of drinks and a little catching up on the last couple of years.

So long,