Temecula, California

We checked out of the great and grand San Francisco Four Seasons, home to luxury, the best gym of the tour and a Peet's Coffee just round the corner, and flew south to Temecula. I'd lived in Los Angeles for nearly 20 years and had heard of Temecula but never had been there. The city is just north of San Diego and our show was at the Pechanga Resort and Casino on the Indian reservation. The room held 1,200 and set a new standard for intimate. It reminded me of the couple of shows we've done in past years at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, though not as large. The audience was warm and our show was it's usual high standard of musicianship. Prior to the show, Matt and I wandered out to walk through the casino. Neither of us gamble so we made a bee line to the gift shop where we each found a cool Tommy Bahama shirt in anticipation for the week in Santa Monica.

Pieta and Bo did their brilliant opening set - we've developed a mutual admiration society. If you have a chance to pick up one of her records, don't fail to do so.

After the show we did a runner to the Legacy for a very short hop north to the Van Nuys airport, then a quick drive west to Santa Monica. Getting out of the car I was greeted by the smell of sea air and was immediately switched in to tranquility mode. Good to be back in Los Angeles again.

Tomorrow begins a two day run at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.

So long,