Hollywood, California

Breakfast this morning with my old friend Jim Silvers at a small deli here in Santa Monica, then back to the hotel and down to the beach where I drank up the sunshine for an hour before getting ready to leave for tonight's gig.

We had a serious wanker of a driver. The guy was like a jack rabbit off the line, slamming on the brakes at the next light or upcoming auto. We call that "wah-wah" driving. Let me tell you it's crap to be a passenger with a guy like that at the wheel. Don't know what they're trying to prove. Finally got to the Pantages and thrilled to get the hell outta the car.

My brother Jon Schwartz and his wife Leslie came to the show tonight and I got to visit with them backstage just prior. Another great gig tonight, seriously solid and the audience was fab. A runner back to the hotel for a couple of drinks at the bar and a relatively early night.

So long,