Denver, Colorado

Decamped Santa Monica this morning and bid farewell to the west coast that we've loved so much from north to south and flew east to Denver. We played at the Buell Theatre, capacity seating 2,551 and I didn't spot an empty seat in the house. The audience was astounding tonight, really with us all the way and so enthusiastic. The show was great, everyone fully on their game, relaxed, confident and having a great time. Denver has always been one of my favourite cities.

I met up after the show with still another cousin, Steve Weiner for a drink at the hotel. We figured out it has been about 40 years give or take a year since we saw each other last and it was good catching up with him. Tim O'Brien lived here in Denver for 20+ years. As you can imagine he had one hell of a gathering down at the bar and it turns out some of his friends knew my cousin Steve. I kept it down to a glass of wine then it was off to bed for a relatively early night.

So long,