St. Louis, Missouri

Didn't wake up 'til 11:30 this morning, completely knackered. Last night rib fest was still making it's presence known and no desire for breakfast, so dozed on and off until it was time to meet to go to Midway Airport. A real traffic snarl getting there. By the time we finally got to the plane I was ready for something to eat and Diane had a massive platter of sushi ready....tastes great, not too filling.

The gig in St. Louis tonight was at the Fox Theatre, built in 1929 and another monument to theatre palaces from another time. Larger than last night's Midland, the Fox has a domed ceiling and intricately carved walls, more gold leaf and red velvet and what appears to be a massive Tiffany stained glass chandelier hanging from the peak of the dome. These audiences in the midwest are some of our favourites, really appreciative and not afraid to show it. The show was one of the best so far. I suggest going to Guy's website for some pix of the Fox which he will no doubt have posted.

The usual runner to cars, the airport and the Legacy. Diane is always on hand with drinks waiting and tonight's fare was Greek ... stuffed grape leaves, spanikopita, pita and hummus. A very quick flight and we were back at Midway before we knew it, our Pete McKay helping with the clearing of the plates for landing.

So long,