Buffalo, New York

It was one of those days that was squandered by never leaving the hotel room in Toronto until it was time to depart for the airport at 2 o'clock. Didn't wake up 'til 11, made a wretched cup of coffee with the auto maker in the room, got caught up with too much e-mail and deftly managed to avoid going to the gym. Turns out everyone did the same thing today.

A 30 minute flight to Buffalo then a short ride to the Centre For The Arts theatre on the university campus. The crew was in a good mood as there was loads of room at the venue for load in and out as opposed to the last couple of shows we've done. Glenn Saggers, MK's guitar guru was in a particularly good mood as he just received a Gretsch 6120 Eddie Cochran model that he'd ordered. We all had a play of it and gave it our blessing as a great guitar. Also, Colin Barton stage manager/keyboard tech took shipment on a beautiful new Fender Strat that he'd arranged for a friend. It was a winner as well.

Sound check, dinner and the usual routine leading up to show time...choosing what to wear, having it pressed, e-mail, phone calls home, naps, practise, vocal warm ups for the singers, Matt's brewing of ginger/lemon/ mint tea, re-packing the roller bags to be whisked away after the gig, in-ear monitor securely in place and on we go. Tonight was the second show that Mark did sitting down. He's pinched a nerve in his back and is having lot of pain down his left leg when he stands, much less so when he sits. It's done nothing to dampen the excitement or quality of the show and we had an absolute great one tonight, the best we've played many of these tunes and the audience was just fantastic. Thanks for a great gig Buffalo.

Back to the Legacy for the half hour back to Toronto fuelled by cold cuts, sandwiches and Leinenkugle Amber Ale.

A reasonably early night and in bed by 1.

So long,