Atlantic City, New Jersey

The wind was blowing 40 knots when the Legacy took off today from Teterboro airport in New Jersey. It was a bumpy, short hop to Atlantic City for tonight's show at Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino.

Prior to the gaming business popping up on Native American reservations, Atlantic City was the only other option for gambling apart from Las Vegas. Like Vegas it's splashy, flashy and over the top. We've played a couple other casinos this trip as well and it's not really MK's crowd. Of course, there are a number of people who are there to see him, but it feels like just as many were comped by the house or their tickets were included as some kind of weekend package deal. Folks coming and going with drinks in hand and last night there was a guy had a cooler round his neck selling ice cold beer up and down the isles. As for me, I'd be perfectly happy never to play another casino.

The theatre itself was very nice, modern and an easy load in/out for the crew. All in all, tonight's show was another example of how a great leader and band can overcome almost anything, and by the end, the folks were cheering wildly on their feet.

Tomorrow will be our final show in the U.S. for this tour, then on to the U.K.

So long,