Cardiff, Wales...26 May, 2010

Another tough slog in the gym this morning. This stuff doesn't get any easier and I suppose that's the point. Got through it though and was glad I did as today ended up being a heavy food day beginning with a staggering meal on the plane from Manchester to Cardiff. Platters of steamed whole lobsters, crab salad, crayfish and shrimp...a feast from Harrod's. Daniella our air hostess got this together and it was fabulous...elbows flying everywhere.

Arrived at the Cardiff International Arena in time for a sound check after which we wandered into catering, not particularly hungry, but just to see what was on. Another sumptuous feast of smoked portabello mushroom salad, pasta salad, crispy pork belly, chanamasala, grilled fresh tuna, apple strudel with ice creme and on and on. All right, we'll eat again.

Another relaxed show (maybe it's the food) for a great audience. We love playing every night. Our old touring pal Adrian Fitzpatrick came to see us tonight. Ada toured with the Straits and well into the era that I've been involved with, retiring several years ago. He's a good man and we miss him not to mention his wonderful cups of stout tea. Great to see him again.

A runner to the Legacy after the gig for a flight to London where we will base for the next ten days. We couldn't possibly eat any more but Daniella had the most fantastic chicken tikka masala, shrimp dansak, potatoes and peas with pomegranate and naan. Every morsel consumed. I'm glad I put that gym time in this morning.

We arrived, checked into our comfy hotel and a few of us met down at the bar for a night cap just to ensure a few more carbs and calories.


So long,