London, England #4...2 June, 2010

The weather was perfect in London, sunny, bright blue skies and warm. Got the gym out of the way early and was out of the hotel by 10 for breakfast as well as a quick nail patch up. For years I've benefited from acrylic nails on the first three fingers of my right hand. My own nails are paper thin and I use these fingers so much in my playing, if they weren't reinforced would simply be worn down to nothing. Of course every two or three weeks they must be renewed. It was so nice that I stayed out walking until midday when I returned to the hotel.

On the hot water front, I'm happy to say it is back. I wouldn't exactly call it hot, lukewarm better describes the shower I had. Still, a vast improvement from the last two days. In the grand scheme our water temperature problem is trivial, but I'm hoping the tanks will be fully heated by tomorrow.

I walked to the Albert arriving a little earlier than usual, had a bowl of magnificent smoked fish soup, a cup of tea and did a some practising as I'd not brought my guitar back to the hotel the previous night. Sound check, dinner then on stage for show number four. Again, the audience was so enthusiastic, we all come off stage and back to the dressing room remarking on great they've been.

Back to the hotel for an early night.

So long,