Antwerp, Belgium...6 June, 2010

Decamped our London hotel after 11 nights.  Everything in my bag managed to find it's way out...hung on door knobs, thrown over chair backs, some in closets, some in piles on the floor.  It took forever to gather it all up again, fold it and pack the suitcase for an 11 o'clock pick up this morning.  Miraculously, I got out of there with less than a $100 incidental tab for the entire stay.

We boarded our Legacy at Northolt Air Field and flew to Brussels then drove to Antwerp and the Sportpaleis.  We are finally in Europe for our first show.  It was a stand up gig with approximately 7,000 folks.  We've been gigging since April but tonight really felt like we're on tour.  A loud crowd and a hot sweaty gig.

A runner back to Brussels, the Legacy and into Frankfurt where we'll base for the next couple of days and play here tomorrow night.  Checked into the hotel, Danny, Guy, John, Mike and I headed down to the very friendly bar for a couple of nightcaps then off to bed.

So long,