Hamburg, Germany...16 June, 2010

Back in London yesterday for a day off. For some reason I was wide awake after a couple of hours 4:30 in the morning! I managed to stay in bed for another two hours then decided that was all the sleep I'd get. A call to room service had coffee and toast sent to the room, went down to the gym for a good pounding then back up for a shower. This was all before 10 o'clock in the morning. A short walk to the Piccadilly tube station and it was off for a haircut. I recall having a very expensive experience with hair the last tour and wasn't too interested in dropping 90 quid for a trim. There's a great little Thai place that cuts hair, does massage and manicures just around the corner from the Tate Britain that I've always been pleased with in past. No muss or fuss just a fab haircut for 10 pounds...what a haircut should cost. From there to a nail place off Gloucester Road to have some new acrylics stuck on that will carry me through the next three weeks. A sandwich for lunch and back to the and nap, followed by a wander up Regent Street and a quick pass through Carnaby. A Lebanese dinner out and a couple of martinis back at the mahogany bar in the hotel. In bed before midnight, a good day off.

This afternoon we flew to Hamburg for a show at the Colorline Arena with a capacity crowd of nearly 11,000, the first of nine shows in Germany. I met with my friend, songwriter and record producer Rudi Mussig for a few minutes just prior to the show and it was great catching up, albeit very briefly.

A runner after the gig to Berlin where we will spend the night and base for the next several days. A drink downstairs with Dan and Guy followed by some sounds and a cup of tea in djFletch's room.

So long,