Budapest, Hungary...4 July, 2010

I typed yesterday's notes this morning, still in a bit of a fog before the coffee arrived.  I erroneously wrote Germany defeated Venezuela.  Scratch that.  It was of course, Argentina.  Sorry, it was a late night last night.

I didn't wake 'til noon and by the time I had coffee, took care of some e-mail,  packed my bag and got a shower, it was time to go to the venue for tonight's show at Sport Arena.  In honour of the Yanks, our catering crew made an Independence Day roast turkey and all the trimmings.  While I felt obliged, I opted instead for Hungarian goulash which was staggeringly great.  Still hungry, I also had a small bowl of tonight's vegetarian dinner, green curry...also exquisite.  I couldn't pass up a great bread pudding with hot custard for dessert.  Nothing like a light snack before a show.

It was a stand up gig, just over 6,000 wonderful folks who couldn't be more appreciative, as we were for them.

A runner to the plane for a 2 hour flight back to London tonight.  It was another light snack in flight, a large shepherd's pie slathered in HP Sauce.  I think a serious look at the gym is in order tomorrow.

So, we're here in London and we'll have four consecutive days off, much needed to  recharge the batteries and set us right for the final three weeks of this Get Lucky tour.  I can't believe how quickly it's all going by.

Stay tuned, I'll pick up these notes again at the end of the week from our next stop, Italia.

So long,