Milan, Italy...14 July, 2010

We decamped Rome today after 5 days in that wonderful city.  The sky was blue and blazing, the temps red hot, just how I want to remember it.  One final trip to Ciampino Airport where our driver Bob Miller hit the same pot hole for the umpteenth time.  Well done Bob.

It was an hour flight to Milan.  I was very much looking forward to whatever was being served on the plane as food hadn't passed my lips in nearly 24 hours after yesterday's sumptuous and bountiful lunch at Lagana.  Honestly, I didn't eat before last night's show and apart from coffee this morning I had nothing.  Absolutely starving now.  Daniella who's been looking after us on the plane is the best and seldom misses in the food department, but today's lunch was slices of raw salmon, squid salad, a couple of prawns and a few other things of uncertain origin.  I fully admit I'm in the minority in this group when it comes to raw fish, sashimi, etc.  It's not that I mind the idea, I simply don't like it.  Needless to say I tucked in to the bread basket and stayed there.

We arrived in Milan to steaming hot and humid weather for the Milan Jazz Festival, another outdoor gig.  It had become overcast and muggy as hell with no escape.  The backstage dressing rooms were narrow and airless with a fan in each that somehow failed to move air.  The catering area, which at this point I was in desperate need of, was worse.  I managed to choke down a hamburger before I was completely soaked through with sweat.  Did I mention the mosquitos? the droves.  It made for a very uncomfortable couple of hours prior to the gig.  We were all milling around from one backstage room to another thinking one might be slightly cooler.  None were.

We finally walked out to the stage hoping it would be a little fresher outdoors.  It wasn't.  However, we were greated by 7,000 great folks and had a terrific show, though not without some dive bombing mosquitos.  By the end I was thoroughly soaked through...shirt, pants, socks...everything.

Staying in Milan tonight so it was a runner to the hotel a quick shower then drinks at the bar with John, Mike, Danny and Guy followed by healing cups of tea and sounds in DJFletch's room.

So long,