Wurzburg, Germany...17 July, 2010

A sensible night last night, in bed, lights off, asleep at 1:30.  The phone rang at 4 something...some fucking idiot in the hotel with the wrong room.  After my adrenaline subsided I finally drifted back asleep, until 8:30 when another moron rings...again with the wrong room.  I couldn't have been happier to check out of the Bulgari, spelled Bvlgari, in Milan this afternoon.  A more pretentious hotel I've not encountered.

In all the years of touring I've never had a day like this, hold on to your hats.  We left Milan...flew to Nurnberg, Germany...drove an hour to Wurzburg...played a show, drove an hour back to Nurnberg...flew into Nice, France...drove an hour to Monte Carlo, Monaco.  Let's recap; that's 5 cities, 4 countries, 3 one hour car rides, 2 flights and 1 show in 12 hours!!!  Still, I'm sitting here in my hotel room feeling better than I have any right and pecking this out at 3 in the morning.

Tonight's show was at the Festung Marienberg, an open air castle in Wurzburg...10,000 in attendence.  A wonderfully relaxed show and fab audinece, we all had a grand time playing and loved the gig. 

On the plane ride to Nice, Daniella had breaded veal chops that were spectacular, wine and a delicious chocolate cake affair that was like none I'd ever had.

So, we're here in Monte Carlo with a day off tomorrow.  There is a gym and pool in my future.  Beyond that...who knows, but I can guarantee I will NOT be in the casino.

So long,