Monte Carlo, Monaco...20 July, 2010

A slow start this morning not helped by the weak, lukewarm coffee. Finally down to the gym. These 90 minutes get harder all the time and it doesn't help that this fitness centre is too hot to begin with. I suppose you can get on a scale after a good workout and see you've lost 5 pounds, but it's all water.

Went back to the small public beach next door to the hotel again for the afternoon. Nice to see the McGoldrick family having fun in the sun there and we were joined by Matt, followed by Glenn. The Med water is a healer. We decided we better get out of the sun before some real damage was done and headed back to the hotel for a late lunch joined by MK. A chicken club sandwich, a couple of Corona beers and a double strength caffe latte set me right. It was back to the room and a nap.

This tour is nearly over and we'll soon be faced with many "lasts". Still at this late stage we experienced a "first" today. The lobby call for the gig tonight was 9:30 p.m., the latest call ever as the show didn't begin until nearly 11.

We made our way over the Le Sporting Club for our second show in two days. It was a seriously well played show tonight, but still a very different environment for us. I don't know what some of these people are thinking...sitting there yelling at you like your an animal in a cage and then getting on their Blackberries or whatever they are and texting while you're playing. Incredibly rude.

So, that's that. For all of the excess in Monte Carlo, I've enjoyed every minute of being here. It's been nice trying it on for size even if it's been a very ill fit. The sun and Mediterranian are magnificent and what not to like about the topless girls on the beach? Tomorrow we decamp Babylon and go to Lyon, France to play a Roman amphitheatre.

So long,