Barcelona, Spain...23 July, 2010

A late start this morning, had some coffee sent to the room and finally got pushing down in the gym around 1 this afternoon.  The fitness centre in this hotel is one of the better ones, very well thought out and equipped.  One small problem, seems that the air conditioning was not operating correctly.  They had a couple of portable cooling units on the floor but it wasn't enough and it was very warm in there to begin with.  By the time I finished my 90 minutes I was thoroughly drenched, exhausted...and starving.  I bumped in to Danny in the lobby and we had lunch on the outdoor veranda of the hotel.  A couple of strong caffe con leche followed by a plate of homemade tagliatelle with pomodoro sauce and I was set right again.  After lunch we went to the pool and soaked up the sun for an hour.

As the shows in Spain are late starters, usually 10 o'clock, we didn't leave the hotel until 7:30 arriving at the Olympic Pavillion Badalon in time for dinner, a quick practise and then on stage.  This is our usual venue in Barcelona and it was a capacity 7,000+ tonight.  Another deafening crowd, fabulous show and great audience.

A runner back to the hotel and a couple of drinks with John and Mike at the bar and off to bed.

So long,