Madrid, Spain...29 July, 2010

Another hot, airless gym in the hotel made for a torturous work out.  It never fails to amaze me how an otherwise together hotel can get it so wrong when it comes to basic stuff.  I suppose these fitness centres are an afterthought and they shoe horn them in wherever and however they can.  A little ventilation would be nice though.  I made my way back to the room exhausted and went back to bed.

Down to the last three shows now, tonight's venue was our usual in Madrid, Plaza de Toros de Ventas, a bullring dating from 1929.  It was a blistering day and I thought we'd be in for another hot box show, but by early evening a breeze picked up and by the time we took the stage at 9:30 p.m. it was mercifully mild.  Unlike the other bullring gigs, this one was a seated floor instead of standing and gave the show more of a concert vibe.  It was one of the best played shows of the tour, everyone in top form with an audience to match.  I'm really going to be missing all this in a few days.

A runner back to our hotel with drinks and sounds courtesy of DJFletch.

So long,