Here’s that final Note From The Road entry, the one I usually get long winded and sentimental with. I don’t wish to do that this time. I simply want to thank every single person, truck drivers, technicians, our personal instrument techs, our tour managers, caterers, our wardrobe assistant, this brilliantly talented band of musicians and friends…. and of course our fearless leader, Mark.

I always feel the same at the end of every tour, each being better than any previous but this one being so easy, well managed and a very relaxed. Once we were up and running the shows were forces to be reckoned with. Every single day was a pleasure and that is because of the people mentioned above. I thank you all for the last 6 months of this tremendous run.

I’m already home in Nashville as I peck this out, suitcases unpacked and back up on the shelf ’til next time. I’d begun a new album just prior to this tour and plan to open that project again, roll up my sleeves and get back to my own work. Then…. who knows.

Finally, to everyone who came to see us play and to those who follow this journal, my truest appreciation and thanks. Mark & Co. can play our hearts out all night long but unless folks turn up to hear it, it doesn’t mean very much.

With this final entry the road notes are wrapped and in a few weeks will be folded into the archives and will revert to a more casual posting schedule with the Nashville notes later this autumn.


Richard Bennett