Leipzig-Mannheim-Munich 5, 6, 7 July

5 July

After a restful day off in Zurich we flew to Leipzig this afternoon. We’ll be on the move the next couple of days… staying in Leipzig tonight the leaving again tomorrow for Mannheim. A full house tonight in Arena Leipzig, nearly 8,000 in attendance for a particularly relaxed show after a day off. Great audience. Staying in Leipzig tonight and leaving in the morning. Take as little as possible from the suitcase then zip it back up and move on Mannheim.

6 July

Flew to Frankfurt airport this afternoon then drove nearly an hour to Mannheim to our usual venue the SAP Arena. Soundcheck, looking out at the 10,000 empty seats that will be filled in a few hours from now. Tonight’s show was a textbook lesson in professional playing. A runner back to Frankfurt, a full band turn out for a nightcap, one, then to bed as it will be a 9 o’clock bag call, early departure and flight to Munich in the morning, though there’s talk of training as a last minute problem with the plane has come up. We’ll see.

7 July

A little bit of everything this morning. Rain, fatigue and a massive unexploded bomb from WW II that was discovered in Frankfurt. 60,000 people will be evacuated and all services suspended today until 5 o’clock when hopefully the device will be defused… requiring us to leave town early in order to avoid road closures.. Good news that our plane has been repaired though we’ll be flying though thunderstorms all the way in to Munich. I slept through most of the short flight and we arrived at Olympiahalle at least two hours earlier than usual. A full lunch was still being served, everyone piling into catering followed by all finding a quiet spot and napping the afternoon away until soundcheck. 10,000+ people filled the arena and it was a particularly great sounding place given the size. A runner to the Munich airport after another great show and a flight to Budapest where we’ll be for a few nights and a day off tomorrow. A very long and well travelled couple of days… 4 cities; Frankfurt, Mannheim, Munich and Budapest and 2 shows in a 24-hour period. By the time we hit the hotel in Budapest I was completely knackered and went straight to bed. That day off tomorrow will be welcomed.

Richard Bennett