Torino-Cattolica 17, 18 July

A quick note about the end of the last posting and the peach coloured moon rising over the Adriatic. I’d put that note up on-line while the moon was still relatively low but as it continued rising, a dark patch became visible on the left side. The higher it went the dark patch became larger eventually blocking nearly half the moon. The partial lunar eclipse added one more layer of lovely to an already perfect day.

17 July

An hour flight this afternoon from Rimini to Torino (Turin) for tonight’s open air show at Stupinigi Park, the grounds of an early 18th century royal hunting lodge. With it’s roots going back to the 1300s, the ‘new’ palace was started in 1729 for Victor Amadeus II, King of Sardinia. The final building has a total of 137 rooms, 17 galleries and covers 31,000 square meters. Not exactly what one thinks of as a hunting lodge. The summer music festival is held on the grounds with a spectacular view from the stage of the estate with it’s central dome at the apex of it’s steep roof with a giant bronze stag perched atop. We were to have had an opening artist but plans somehow fell through and as they opened the gates 4 hours prior to our show it was put to our own John and Mike to be tonight’s opening act. They gamely took up the gauntlet and played a half hour of traditional folk music. Heroes. It’s hard to estimate how many people attended, but the massive expanse of grounds were filled…. 10-12,000? The day’s heat cycled back to a comfortable level and the show was another lesson in relaxed professional music. Top gig. It was a 30 minute runner back to the Torino airport and flight back to Rimini. Straight to bed.

18 July

We decamped Rimini after 5 nights here with mixed feelings of being glad to leave this hotel but having enjoyed the seaside and city. A good stay all in all. We’re now into the homestretch and final few days of the UK-Euro leg of this tour. Mixed feelings there as well, sad to say farewell to all these wonderful cities and audiences but very much looking forward to getting home for a few weeks and charging in to the North American leg.

Tonight’s show was in the town of Cottolica about a 35 minute drive from Rimini. Arena della Regina in the piazza della Repubblica an open air gig. The facility left much to be desired and the organisation from the promoters side was poor, the seating not well designated and security heavy handed. People standing in front of the stage in the middle of the show arguing with security about where their seats were and shaking of fists… a bit of a free for all. Folks milling around through the first 3 or 4 songs before things began to settle down. In the end it was a good gig, well played, but had a feeling of the gig simply being thrown together. A runner tonight to Rome where we’ll base for these last few days of the European leg. A day off tomorrow and apart from hitting the gym, I plan to lay very low.

Richard Bennett