London 21, 22 May

May 21, 22

It’s a 2-night run at The Albert beginning tonight. One of our favourite venues and always special shows partly due to the history of the venue, our history playing it and the wrap around audience so close you can reach out from the side of the stage and shake hands. Tom Jones came backstage before to say hello to MK and Ianto, who played drums for him years ago. Lots of family and old friends down for these very intimate shows and always a mad scramble for tickets, every seat spoken for. As many times as I’ve stood on that stage, going back to the ’70s with Neil Diamond, it still makes my knees a little weak. A wonderful show the 21st and a brilliant one the 22nd, unexpected standing ovations after after some songs and an overwhelming one at the end of both evenings. Thank you RAH.

Richard Bennett