Down The Road Wherever

Here ’tis…. the first edition of Notes From The Road 2019.

I’m pecking this out from London on Easter Sunday, having just completed three weeks rehearsal. I’ll have a few days off now in the city before leaving for Barcelona and the first show of Mark’s Down The Road Wherever Tour. We’re all looking forward to taking the boards again and can’t wait ’til we get to Spain.

Without going into many details, there will be a lot of surprises, a couple of terrific new band members along with our old pal and ever brilliant Danny Cummings returning to play percussion. There’s a brand new sound system that I must say, having heard some rehearsal playbacks, sounds like a finely tuned stereo system. Tremendous lights as well. As usual the whole package, only better.

On past tours I posted nearly every day. I’m not sure I’ll be quite as verbose this time out and will likely do a weekly as I did on the tour a couple of years ago with Neil Diamond. I’d far rather post when I really have something to write about. That said, who knows. There will no doubt be the occasional profanity laden rant about some crap gym or something inexcusable.

I do plan to enjoy every minute of this adventure, each show, every meal and all the cities. A long adventure it is, this tour runs through the end of September and I’m very proud to share a stage and the fine company of this grand pack of friends through it all.

So long,


Richard Bennett