Boston, Mass.

Gym, breakfast and decamp NYC.

Heavy storms all up and down the east coast and our flight was diverted to Bedford, Mass. with a 40 minute drive to Boston. It was storming down rain when we arrived at the Bank of America Pavilion, an out door venue with a sail looking contraption covering the place. The rain was coming down so heavily that the sound of it hitting the covering was as loud if not louder than the in ear monitors. It was a muggy soundcheck but about a half hour before the gig, the skies opened up, the rain eased and the dusk came peeking through. It still made for a hot sticky gig, but the fabulous Boston audience saved it all from becoming a drag. In fact it was one of the best audiences we've had and the gig turned out great for it. A real inspired evening for MK, EH and Co.

A runner to the G-4 for some seriously mediocre Thai food and after a couple of hours we were deposited in Chicago. A grand hotel and a day off tomorrow.

So long,