Washington, D.C.

I stand corrected on something I'd mentioned in my Toronto notes of the 19th. The cup of french fries doused with gravy is of course Poutine and originated in Quebec. Where moulline came from I don't know, dodgy memory. Regarding another cup, the Stanley Cup, it was suggested that the final game 7, Edmonton vs. Carolina might have played a role in the attendance being a little soft at Molson Amphitheatre. It's been 13 years since Canada claimed the Cup and many folks and TV's were tuned in there.

The ACE GYM AWARD of the tour so far goes to the fitness centre and spa at our hotel here in New York. Two floors of blood, sweat and tears, pools, sun deck, hot and cold running saunas, massage therapy, aroma therapy, alfalfa grass and haiku therapy. I got in this morning and worked hard atoning for sins dating back to 1955. Emmy was also on hand pushing the weights around and MK was bounding in as I was dragging out. We're such a virtuous band in the early part of the day. I didn't recall taking the aroma therapy but definitely came away with one. Back in the room I devoured everything that was left from the breakfast tray before winging to Washington on the wonderful G-4.

Constitution Hall was tonight's venue. We played here on the 2001 Sailing To Philadelphia tour and I remember it being a tricky stage for sound, and so it was again. Still we overcame and turned in a good show I think. Washington, D.C. is always a homecoming for Emmylou who spent her formative musical years here, playing the folk clubs and absorbing so much of the music that she's distilled and made her own and she recalled seeing Joan Baez play here at Constitution Hall during those early years. Emmy's own songs are always a highlight, Red Dirt Girl, Michelangelo and Boulder To Birmingham are never less than brilliant. As mentioned, the U.S. catering is living up to it's past standard, only a bit better than high school cafeteria food. Just as well, we'll all be able to tighten our belts a notch by the end of the run.

A runner back to the G-4, sushi making up for the lack of dinner, g&t's making up for the rest. Back to N.Y.C. for another night and tomorrow's show at Radio City Music Hall. Still having some jet lag so it's a relatively early night for me....2 a.m.

So long,