Copenhagen, Denmark

The only sensible antidote to a 10:15 a.m. luggage call is to wake up at 8:30, pack your bags, stuff them out the door and go back to bed until 11. Tallied up at the front desk of the friendly Amigo Hotel in Brussels and it was off to the airstrip where our Embraer Legacy 600 took us to Copenhagen. Stewardesses Mira and Barbara served a light lunch of cheeses, salads and espresso. Arrived Copenhagen in an hour and a half with a couple of hours to kill at the hotel before sound check. Cloudy and cool. Stayed in the room and caught up with computer stuff, e-mail, etc. as I've not been able to get on line the last couple of days.

The crew had a late load in, and consequently set up, due to the drive from Brussels. So it was a late sound-check and the show scheduled to begin at 9. We played a capacity crowd at the Forum of 6,500. All in confident and fine form, a few set list changes and mass confusion when we arrived at those changes, but it's kind of nice to see professionals stumble now and again, then recover. At one point we were diving for instruments. It was a good night and a wonderful audience. We are all enjoying our heads off having Emmy along.

Back to the hotel for some sounds; Big Joe Turner, Chet Baker, The Louvin Bros., Celia Cruz, Everly Bros., Beny More, Beatles, etc., etc.

On to Hamburg tomorrow (10:45 luggage call!) for a show followed by a day off in that wonderful city.

So long,