Craft Brewed Music

Just a quick up-date from Nashville. Really been having a great time being home these couple of weeks with family, friends and a brand new grandson.

I’ve mentioned in these notes before of my affiliation with Craft Brewed Music, the curated streaming site for under, over and around the radar music. I’m very proud to be part of their artist roster and found out today that I will be their featured artist all next week. You can get a free limited subscription, a month with full access for $5 or a year’s full access subscription for just $50. You’ll hear music that most likely will have escaped you… folk, alt pop, classical, jazz and more. Check them out at If you decide to subscribe please mention my name in the ‘recommended by’ drop down box.

I’ll be pulling the suitcase down from the shelf next week, boarding the big silver bird and meeting MK & Co. for the U.S. and Canada leg of this fantastic tour and get back to posting the usual Notes From The Road then.



Richard Bennett